What is Nearly as Powerful as Morphine for Pain Relief, But Doesn't Addict?

A 2 minute read, Posted on Mon, Feb 13, 2017
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Traditional practitioners of Chinese medicine have known of the bright, pink flowering plant that goes by the botanical name corydalis yanhusuo for centuries. It is treasured for its capacity to eliminate pain. Its medicinal uses have only recently gained recognition among researchers in the West.

While the effects of this herb against painful conditions are often clearly perceived, what is less well understood is the mechanism by which theyse effects come about. Corydalis is beginning to be studied today, with researchers at UCLA in Irvine taking the lead. The traditional remedy has gained traction among the general public, however. A public endorsement by Dr. Oz of the effectiveness of this remedy for pain resulting from fibromyalgia, is often credited for it.

It can be hard to medicate persistent pain

Pain occurs to signal tissue injury. Often, however, pain may continue even once healing completes. As damaged nerve endings fire endlessly, there is little that modern medicine is been able to do. Over-the-counter analgesics are hardly effective against chronic pain, and opioids often turn addictive.

Research published in PLOS One has demonstrated that unlike opioids, set doses of corydalis do not lose their edge over time. Users do not need to raise their doses to continue to benefit from their use of the drug.

What does taking corydalis feel like?

While medical science doesn’t yet understand the mechanism by which corydalis works, the active ingredient is thought to be the alkaloid known as DHCB. Makers of supplements sell and promote the product on supplement outlets both online and off, and find enthusiastic users. Anecdotal evidence shows that it helps with sciatica, fibromyalgia, knee pain, migraine, Crohn’s disease and inflammations.

Corydalis usually works within minutes of administration. Users report experiencing rapid dissipation of pain. Activities such as dancing and running are often immediately possible. Mild sedative effects are reported in some users, however, and it’s important to make sure that one is alert enough to drive or operate machinery.

What other precautions are advisable?

Considering that very little is yet understood about the mechanism by which corydalis works, it is generally a good idea to exercise caution attempting tio use the supplement during pregnancies. Alertness against the possibility of interaction with other medications is also advisable. A talk with a doctor is advisable.

Other than common sense guidelines, the supplement is as close to a miracle treatment as any available for pain today. For anyone who suffers from chronic pain, corydalis is worth a try.