Two Major Ways Anxiety Affects Your Life

A 2 minute read, Posted on Fri, Dec 16, 2016
In Lifestyle, Living Healthy

Anxiety is often discussed, but rarely understood. A person living with anxiety is different from a person who does not live with anxiety. Here are two ways anxiety can affect your life.


People who live with anxiety are often depressed and don’t have the desire to get out of bed to do anything, even go to work. When you live with anxiety, you are not motivated to achieve goals, clean the house, run errands, or do anything that does not involve staying in bed, hiding from the world. When you are depressed you may not have an appetite.

Avoid Being Social

When you live with anxiety, everything is a big deal which often means you don’t want to deal with the outside world, including relatives and friends. Sometimes you are in a bad mood and other times you are not, but with either mood, you don’t want to be bothered. When you live with anxiety, you just want to feel better and stop worrying about everything in the world. You will shut yourself off from the world and remain in your home, hoping you don’t have to go out in public.

More than 39 million adults live with anxiety and it’s not easy. if you know someone living with anxiety, try to understand and help from a distance until they are ready to talk to you about their anxiety.