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Get Relief from Tooth Sensitivity With These Simple Tips

If you have sensitive teeth, you already know how painful the condition can be. Teeth that are sensitive to heat, cold and pressure can make it nearly impossible to eat, drink or even function. Whether you have had sensitive teeth for your entire life or just for a short while, you need relief and you need it now. You do not have to resign yourself to a life of tooth sensitivity.

What is Nearly as Powerful as Morphine for Pain Relief, But Doesn't Addict?

Traditional practitioners of Chinese medicine have known of the bright, pink flowering plant that goes by the botanical name corydalis yanhusuo for centuries. It is treasured for its capacity to eliminate pain. Its medicinal uses have only recently gained recognition among researchers in the West. While the effects of this herb against painful conditions are often clearly perceived, what is less well understood is the mechanism by which theyse effects come about.

The Herbal Antihistamines That You Should Try for Allergies This Spring

With spring right around the corner, one in ten have cause for worry. With spring comes seasonal allergies, and those bothersome symptoms. Even worse, a doctor’s prescription for antihistamines usually means miserable drowsiness all day. Luckily, antihistamines don’t need to be chemicals formulated in the laboratory. There are many natural products with powerful antihistamine effect that one can use. These are safe and effective to try, even for significant attacks.

Painkillers Don't Work for Chronic Pain; What Does?

Modern medicine offers an array of powerful opioid painkillers to those who struggle with chronic pain. As effective as well-known names like Vicodin, Demerol, Percocet and OxyContin are, they aren’t safe to use for pain that lasts any longer than a couple of days. As narcotics, they come with risk of addiction. It’s a well-publicized problem, as many Hollywood stars have fallen prey. If you suffer from a painful condition but don’t want to mess with dangerous chemicals, what else can you turn to for help?

Is Ginger an Alternative to Drugs Such as Imitrex For Migraine?

Alternative remedies often take their time making their way from the fringes to the mainstream. Usually, it takes decades for anecdotal evidence to build up to critical mass. It is only then that doctors then begin to suggest them to patients as experiments worth a try. This is the process by which a simple, everyday kitchen ingredient – ginger – has entered mainstream medicine as a possible alternative to top-selling migraine medications such as Imitrex.